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We start at the front-end of the process cycle, helping to select, define, implement and manage the practices, techniques and deliverables that will work for your EMR projects. We have helped dozens of health care facilities implement a practical and useable requirement methodology that shows practitioners specifically how to implement critical business processes by using a consistent and easy-to-follow methodology. Our clients have achieved significant process performance breakthroughs by following the Cereus enabled requirements implementation process. .

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Why choose us?

Cereus has worked with national clients and partners in several countries. We use our specialist knowledge of the internet and ebusiness to strategically manage our client environments using interactive media. .

We develop creative and innovative execution strategies focusing on Healthcare Information Technology, deployment strategies, EMR/EHR development, and Reporting.

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Our Methodology

As healthcare technologies deliver increasing value hand in hand with increasing complexity and connectivity, staying at or ahead of the curve becomes a business critical milestone. Our strategies align process, people, and technology to ensure that you are positioned to drive meaningful use out of your current investment and new technologies.

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Meet the Team

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    Kerey M BrewerChief Executive Officer / Cereus

    "With thousands of hours experience, we execute and get it done right the first time."

    We're pleased to work with your staff on current or future HIT or EIT acquisition projects.
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    SVS NageshDirector Healthcare Services / India

    "Our team of experts promise to provide value added services at reduced costs"

    Thousands of US Based corporations offshore business opportunities to India each year.
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    Susan ReyesDirector PPE Acquisition / Belize

    "The advantage: Belize nationals speak fluent English and Spanish which dictates a unique advantage."

    Our call center operations are positioned to onboard new clients with a value based turn key solution.
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    Anthony BirchDirector Medicinal Services / Canada

    "We listen to our customers and afterwards create a taylor-made strategy for execution."

    Lessons learned continue to reveal that out of the box, nothing works as hoped. We massage the solution to meet the needs of the business.